Great Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Couples come at a stage of their life where they experience marital troubles. Both man and woman are busy with their own roles that they neglect seeing each other as spouses. They are no longer doing activities that can bring them closer to one another. Which is why it's important to go on dates.

A date is not to woo your spouse with a fancy night in town, but you should continue courting her and find new and exciting activities to do together.

Revive the Relationship

This means dating is of great consequence if you want to learn how to spice up a relationship. If you have few resources, look for creative ways to go on dates. Do this to break the monotony and reconnect, as well as to work on your marriage when you feel it is slipping away. However, don't let the idea of a date becomes routine, predictable and humdrum as the rest of your life.

Make it a point to arrange date nights. This is very essential to married couples to add spark to their marriage relationship. Take turn in planning where to go. You plan for this month's date and next month she reciprocates.

Make sure your dates are a regular priority. Build them into your monthly budget and establish a rule to follow - stay within the budget, no repeat of the same date for next month (you see a movie and have a dinner this month, don't repeat the same events the following month. The date is something you are both enjoying.

Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Movie date

  • See the latest movie showing at theaters. Come out of the movie house laughing together and talking about the movie as you walk past the local shops.
  • Movies can also be enjoyed at home with unlimited food and drinks. Give each other a back or foot massage while watching. You can choose a favorite spot in your house where to see the movie. Watch it from your laptop or the big screen of your home theater. So relaxing for both of you.

Around town

  • Drive around the neighborhood. See houses of your neighbors. Appreciate the architecture of beautiful houses. Stop by and say hello to neighbors you pass by.
  • Join volunteer works together like feeding program, beautification, soup kitchens or outreach ministry.
  • Ride the public transport system together - bus or the metro rail and mingle with people and view the city.

Home date

  • Put on the Magic Sing Karaoke, CD karaoke or online karaoke and have a showdown together. Start singing your theme song. Then take turns singing and get excited with the scoring that appears on the TV screen. Learn a new song with your spouse. Sing with gusto, this is your chance to bring out that hidden voice that can only be heard when you are in the bathroom. Never mind if your voices squeak or off key. You can laugh when this happens. That is the funny and happy part. Get serious by doing some voicing. She sings the melody. You sing the tenor or bass part. Later, you find out, both of you are ready to join a church choir or a singing group.
  • Use kinky toys like female vibrators when doing "bedroom activities". That would certainly put the spark back into your relationship.

There is still a romantic life and plenty to learn as far as sex education goes for married couple who thought that dating is outdated already as they keep counting anniversaries. Husbands have to continue to give attention to their wives and ask them for a date. Don't live separate lives. Date like you used to do before and be an inspiration to your grown up children. Learn new dating ideas or revive those you used to do then.